Saturday, April 14, 2007

Guys and Cars

I was in my Hotel room in Kota Bharu, reading, a few weeks ago. I turned on the TV just to add some noise to the night. I was concentrating on my book when my ears caught the sentence, "the most expensive car ever made, Cadillac V16" from the TV. My mind suddenly alerted me to watch it so that I have something to talk about at the office since most of my colleagues are males.

I turned my attention to the TV to see what is the car like, and it did not look that impressive to me. My eyes were glued on the TV screen for quite a while, still trying to figure out what makes the car so expensive but it failed to impress me. It got me thinking, what is it about cars that make men crazy about it. To satisfy my curiosity, I text messaged a few male friends that I know well.

Within a few minutes, a few replied and some even called. I was expecting a similar answer from these men. But I was surprised when I was given many different answers. The most interesting part is their answers can really show their personality. These are the answer that I have received.

1. Dunno, I don't

2. Because it gets me to work, see my friends, buy food for my parents and other 1001 conveniences.

3. Because when a guy has no woman, all his loving, caressing, attention, devotion has to go somewhere, I guess. But for a guy with a woman, the car is probably more responsive to his needs

4. Maybe because it's masculine; fast cars symbolize power, expensive ones show wealth, modified ones give a sense of self, etc. Maybe guys think chick dig nice cars. Do they?

5. Style

6. Symbol of pride. Men love shape and power.

7. Actually guys don't really like cars. Girls like cars. Men are just hunters. We use flashy cars as bait.

8. I don't know. Maybe for the same reason why girls like shopping. Whenever I upgraded or modified my car, I feel satisfied.

Well, I was hoping to make a generalization of men based on their answer, but like I said, they are all rather different. What I can conclude is that, a car to a man is like a handbag to a woman. Some use them for necessity and some use them as accessory. It's not fair to generalize that all women love handbag and all men love cars.

Women and men are not much different after all. Men might come from Mars and women might originated from Venus, but like Kanji, we might sound different but we mean the same thing. Solution: Learn your kanji character and find out if car really does translate to handbag!