Monday, July 14, 2008

I dream of utopia

I dream of Utopia
until i open my eyes

i saw babies
with broken arms, blinded eye

i saw a man
flat on his stomach
laying legless on the road

i saw women
at a gun point
holding her veil
defending her faith

i saw fathers
lifting dead bodies

i saw mothers
crying over lifeless babies

i saw children
lifting riffles

i saw students
reading in hiding

and i wonder what kind of world i am living in
and i wonder what kind of people are living in this world

too many has suffers
too much has been scarificed

I long for empathy that make us human
I long for humility that keep us grounded
I long for forgiveness to set our heart free

i'm closing my eyes
let me out
to utopia

This poem is a respond to my sister's entry and a recent event that happen to someone I know, where he was brutally murdered. I can't help but wonder, when and where did we lose our human touch. When did we feel that it is alright to take someone's life. To torture is even worse. What right does we have in this world to torture people? WHAT RIGHT? WHO'S RIGHT?

Please never make me understand the rationality.I never want to know.

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