Saturday, December 27, 2008

Magic is might?

Which one comes first, The phoenix or the flame? According to Luna Lovegood, the answer is the circle has no beginning. Well reasoned, but it is not exactly an answer.

A while ago, when I first moved back to Terengganu and did not have a car, I took a cab to my client's place. The driver became quite chatty when he found out that the person that I would be meeting was someone he knew. He was quite smart. He used to work with the government until he retired. I remember that the conversation somehow ended up where I was whining about this one building, in the center of the city that has not been open until now. The construction started at 1997 but was ceased when PAS took over in 1999. The rumors was that the funding of the project was stopped because the federal government wanted that it seems as if with PAS ruling the states, there would be no development. I have no idea if that's true but I wouldn't put it past them. 

When BN took over, the construction has been continued and finished sometime in 2001 if I'm not mistaken. It is 2008 now and it is still not being opened. I was told that they couldn't open it because the building cannot get a CF (Certificate of Fitness) due to the faulty design. The funny thing is, McDonald restaurant was allowed to be opened inside the building. 

Anyway, back to my story. I was whining about that when the pakcik told me that it wouldn't even make a difference. He told me that what we lack of is the purchasing power. He said that even if that place is open, there would be no buyer since most of the people who work in Terengganu are either working with the government, teachers or at the bank. At the time, I just nodded faithfully. It make sense to me. That was February 2007.

It is almost 2 years now and I have learned a thing or two more about politics, economy, and a few other unimportant stuffs. I learned that he was right about the purchasing power but I also learned that the purchasing power doesn't just happen by itself. You have to create it. Creating purchasing power is of course making sure that the employment rate is up. One thing to do that is to let that said building to be filled with stores where people would be employed. 

It's kinda like that flame and the phoenix. You don't want to build a store without buyers. At the same time, there would be no buyer if there's no money, hence job opportunites at the store. Which one comes first? How do we create purchasing power? Who would play the role? Actually Datuk Ahmad Said is the one who have to answer it. His job depended on it. The employment rate has to be up or the development of the state would slow down. I would like to know his strategies in making sure everyone in Terengganu has a job. 

He is afterall the Dumbledore of my Hogwarts, so let's see some magic!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A confession of an acrophobic

He smiled at me urgingly. I can feel my palms starting to sweat. The sun is glaring down on me in this mid-afternoon. For the hundredth time, I glance at the back and see the line behind me is getting longer. Everyone seems eager and impatient. I lean to him and whisper.

"Can I still drop out?
He leans back to me, his aftershave smells of fresh rain.

"It's your choice. But I really hope you won't"

There's a smile in his voice. I look up to him and there's definitely a smile lurking at the corner of his lips. That same boyish smile that make sign up in the first place. I wish he works at a laundry store rather than at this dangerous-I-would-die sports place. Is bungee jumping can even be considered a sport? Did I mention that I am acrophobic?

"I'll be with you" He nodded a few times, still smiling reassuringly.

"Let's jump" I said firmly.. err.. well, sort of.
"Are you sure? He suddenly seems hesitant.
"Ask me again and I'll drop out" I shot him a warning look.
"Allrighty, Rose. You jump, I jump" He smiled teasingly and before I could give a clever retort, I felt a gentle nudge on my back and.................. I'm flyyyingggg...

I felt the adrenaline rush in my head as my body shooting down. Suddenly I can see how blue the sky is. I can smell the scent of the earth. I can hear the birds are singing. Suddenly my conscience is clear and a new strength comes over me.

"How do you like it!? I heard him yell and I suddenly remember that our feet is dangling together, upside down. We are bouncing up and down.

My conscience is clear.

"I love you!! We bounce up.

"Excuse me? He yelled back. Obviously my confession was lost in the air. We bounce down.


And the bouncing stop. He look stunned. Oh ow..

"My wife is the lady at the ticket counter"

Oh crap..

Saturday, December 20, 2008


My sister gave me an award!! haha.. well, she told me that one of the reasons she gave me this because she didn't want to choose between her friends and give it to family. I have received it for quite a while and she have been reminding me. Not that I don't want to do it, but I have the same problem as hers. I want to give it to all my friends but of course it would be more than 5. She said I have another option, which is not to give it to anyone. I don't think I want to do that and I guess I'll have to choose:

Here are the rules

  • Perlu dibagi pada orang yang dirasa BEST GILA-GILA
  • Hanya terhad kepada 5 orang sahaja
  • Sesiapa dapat anugerah ini diwajibkan buat posting kat blog masing-masing.

These are the blogs that I religiously follow these days:
1. Whiteblackwhocares - I love her articles but mostly I love her poems. 
2. Crummy letters - Lots of photos!!! of course her writing isn't bad also.. =)
3. Asrif - Very funny guy. Sangat menghiburkan.. haha
4. Alles - She writes about her and people around her.. It feels familiar..  
5. Sweetylemon - scandalous and funny.. quite a rare combination..

Like I said, these are the blogs that I always follow. I like Syah's too, he's pretty deep, WHEN he's writing.. And Lina Ideris' too, except that many of her writings are of her friends and life in manchester.. so I always quite lost.. hehe.. Fadhil rarely updates her blog anymore since she moved back to Malaysia.. 

Although I did give reasons on why I love those blogs, the truth is I like reading all of my friends' blogs for one simple reason. I like to know what is happening in their life and reading their blogs pretty much help me with that.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

English or mother-tongue?

I was waiting for my boss in the lobby when I saw today's The Star. One of the titles that grabbed my attention was the one about the debate whether Math and Science should be taught in English or in the mother tongue. The Star reported that before the final roundtable meeting yesterday, seven proposals were put as follows:

>       Stick to Mathematics and Science in English;

>        Revert to Bahasa Malaysia;

>        Let primary schools teach both subjects in the mother tongue and secondary schools use English;

>        Let primary schools decide for themselves;

>        Mathematics and Science be taught in Bahasa Malaysia and mother tongue for Years One to Three and in English from Year Four onwards;

>        A combination of mother tongue in the first three years and a choice of mother tongue or English after that; and

>        The two subjects will not be taught in Years One to Three and instead be integrated into other subjects.

I remember that this issue has been debated for years and the concurrences and objections were equally voiced. Both parties have good intentions and both were fairly argued. 

As for me, I do understand the importance of our mother tongue. I do honor my own language and would love if it is being widely used. I also understand that it is a lot easier to learn in your first language. Europian countries such as Germany proved that they are equally good as the English spoken countries especially in automotive engineering. Japan is another close example that honor their own language and is still able to be one of the countries with the most advanced technology. Many uses these two examples in proving that it would be a lot better to use our own language. I can understand that and I would want to do the same too. Just not now.

One of the reasons is that many science books were written in English or other languages. Even if math and science were being taught in the mother tongue language in school, they would still have to study in English when they went to college. Should they have learned the terms before hand, it would lessen the struggle of learning in college. Another issue that might be brought up is that those science books should be translated into mother tongue language. 

While I agree to that, I also know that it cannot be done immediately. Although, that plan should MUST be discussed now and milestone should be constructed. Many issues would be addressed in this process. For instance, Malay language does not have as many verbs. What we have been doing lately are transforming English verbs to Malay by changing one to two letters. Introducing totally new verbs would be quite confusing. However, if it were being used widely, it will settle in gradually. Translating books are not necessarily only from English books. I know that there are many great books in other languages such as French, Dutch, Arab and evenmore. I also know there are many translators out there like my friends Syu (French, Arab, Spanish?), Ainur(French) and Fadhil(German) but these talents are not being utilized. 

What make it more disappointing is that these people that I know and the many more that I do not know are yearned to be given a chance to help. Give them a platform to generate ideas and to contribute. You would be surprised how talented these people are. If Facebook, Friendster, Wiki and Google can be translated into Malay, why not books? Educational books, specifically.

In conclusion, I agree that we would learn/understand better in our mother tongue language but I also agree that the teaching of math and science in English should be continued at least for another three years. I wish that our education ministry would set up a project dedicated to translating informations into mother tongue and another project of studying and doing analysis on Malay language on every level, from its origins to what would be the best way of introducing new verbs. I vote for Ungku Aziz for the advisor. Should this projects are initiated, I would be the first in line. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When Reality Intrudes

So much has been going on lately. I can't say much. In fact, I don't say much. Some wonderful news. Some not so much. Some even very confusing. If you think I am talking about you, just know that I'm not. For all these recent events, I can't help thinking that we really don't know people as much as we thought we did. Even when we thought we know it all, they will still surprise us. With that being said, I don't judge you. In fact, I can't. I have done enought doubtful things. I have my own reasons, I trust you have yours too. Just know that, whatever that you do today, will come back haunting you one day. There are many things that time could not mend. No skeleton can stay in the closet for too long. 

Mine is forcing its way out. 

The truth is, we are all alone in this world. People only knows us as much as we let them to. Underneath it all, it was a rather lonely road.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Books and Elly?

I am so excited! I bought three new books yesterday. 

1. Religion under siege? Lina Joy, the Islamic State and Freedom of Faith by a pool of authors.
2. Khalid Memburu Syahid by Abdul Latip Talib
3. The girl with the dragon tattoo by Stieg Larson

I usually try to restrain myself from buying more than 2 books everytime I went to a bookstore. But I love those titles. I was having troubles in choosing Khalid Memburu Syahid or Hikayat Amir Hamzah (part 1) and decided to take the former one since I have been in love with Khalid Al-Walid since I was a kid. 

Since all the books were wrapped in plastic cover, I can only read the synopsis at the back. So, when I got home, I unwrapped all three books and started going through them. I have to say that I am a little disappointed.

I started with "Khalid Memburu Syahid", naturally. I thought that it would be some sort of a biography of Khalid Al-Walid but it turned out that it is a novel with many dialogues. It is a little boring and I ended up reading his biography on the net.

I went for "Religion Under Siege? Lina Joy, The Islamic State and Freedom of Faith" written by Nathaniel Tan & John Lee. Or at least that is what I thought I saw on the cover. Turned out that the book was edited by them. The authors are many. The book is a collection of blog entries that discussed that issue. Major disappointment. I can simply read them on the net. Besides, I am quite sure that I have actually read most of it. 

Last but definitely not the least, I opened "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo". I have only read the first 5 pages and I am already impressed. This is going to be an exciting read. I just know it. It was originally written by Stieg Larsson in Swedish but was translated to English by Reg Keeland. 

John Burdett, one of the reviewer, reviewed the book as a "Tolstoyan re-invention of the 'closed room' murder mystery, Agatha Christie for adults.. It's also a profound investigation into tribal violence in the world of high finance, and a revelation of the dark side of a country normally seen as the very height of priopriety.." Now, now, doesn't that sound interesting?

Like I said, I have only read the first 5 pages but I am very looking forward to finish it. Unfortunately, I know it's going to take sometimes since I'm pretty occupied these days. It's going to stay in my handbag for quite sometimes. 

On another note, Elly is getting married this January, yay!! Sheila wrote a touching letter to Elly in her latest entry. I wish I can do the same but I don't really know what to say except that I am so happy for her. She is a wonderful person, a great friend and is going to be a lovely wife. Any man is considered lucky to have her. Elly, Congratulations and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. You deserve it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shooing the butterflies

It has been a while since I feel this nervous..
May Allah make it easier..
I long for Friday..

There are butterflies all around..

I wish I can skip Thursday. 

Syu, I tried.