Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Saturday April 5, 2008


Kuala Terengganu: On 1981, a couple of Allahyarham Tengku Kamaruddin Bin Tengku Salim and Akmar binti Ariffin, had received a kettle as one of their wedding presents. Today, after 26 years, the kettle finally has rendered its service.

When asked what was the cause of death, the eldest daughter of the couple does not have a definite answer for that. However, she speculates that it might be caused by her brother who left the kettle on the stove until the water runs dry. She also added that there are many other factors that could contribute to it. The kettle's age is one of the reasons given by her and also the pre-existing illnesses.

Throughout its service, the kettle had confronted with a number of accidents which had left it with many scars and cracks. It also had gone through many major surgeries where some parts of its bodies has been replaced. However, it had never stopped doing what it does best, boiling water. Until today.

In the meantime, the family is now hiring a temporary kettle to replace the deceased. Despite of the many options in the market, the family still wants to stick with a stove kettle rather than an electric kettle.

As a tribute to the kettle's long and loyal service, the family has decided to dedicate this column to the kettle. Peace.

Wear and Tear : The 9 faces of the kettle painted with colors of hardworks and loyalty. The picture is taken on the day of the burial.

Temporary replacement: Seated next to its temporary replacement, the kettle is now at peace.