Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A tribute

My camera broke down sometime 2 years ago. It's an old Canon Powershot with only 3.2MP that I bought in 2002. It's not an SLR nor it is like any other fancy cameras but I love it. And I think I took quite good pictures with it. Of course it won't be as good as those expensive cameras but I think it was good enough for me.. check it out:


The page loads really slow but if you are from Bloomington and you miss the place and the seasons, it will be worth waiting.

I love taking pictures and I have always wanted to buy that expensive, heavy Digital SLR and I've been saving up for that.. But now, looking at all the pictures I've taken I don't think I need it. These are good enough for me. Besides, we have Photoshop right? Anyways, what I need is something light that I can carry with me everywhere I go (like I did with my old Canon)..

Just the other day, I saw an old Chinese couple holding hands walking in heavy rains sharing umbrella.. If I go back home and tell this story to my colleagues or family, I'm sure they would be staring blankly at me thinking "what's so interesting about that? But if I take a picture and show them, they might be thinking differently. When we listen, what we absorb mostly are facts, no feelings involved.. But with pictures, it could tell a thousand stories.. Each will look at it with their own stories.. I feel like crying at the sight and not having camera on hand. I think I'm gonna buy one, real soon.. Ok, maybe not that soon..

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The road less traveled

I drove my mother to our little town today because she wanted to find the crystal beads for her flowers. It was really difficult to find a parking spot since it is one week before Hari Raya celebration and it seemed like everyone in Terengganu were out shopping. So we decided to park somewhere farther than the usual; that is because my mother promised that she know the short cut. It was behind the Courts Mammoth, she kept telling me. I've seen a small path towards the flower store, she added. O-kay then, so she never actually take the road. Nevermind though, since I could see a path too, except that it looked rather jungle-y where the path leads. I could see now that my mother starting to waver as she took a step forward. Oh yeah, I can see the flower store, I said loudly and trying to sound as convincing as I could as I walked past her. She followed slowly behind me.

The first step into the 'jungle', I was surprised. The trees/bushes actually covers what seemed like a bunch of rumah setinggans in the middle of the town. Our first sight was a guy in his tights, taking a bath from a well. Yup, a man-made-well. We can't turn back now, it's too late. As my mother hasted through the houses, which attached to each other, I stole a glance around. Sure, our presence was highly noticeable. Everybody was looking at us as we walked, but I can't help but to look back and smiled. I noticed, though as confined as they may seem, they have quite a neighborhood. At least I can see a few Chinese and Malay ladies hanging out on their veranda.

We were out in 10 minutes. Seemed quick but I can't get over my surprise. I really wish I had a camera with me. It was rather an intriguing experience. Though my mother swore that she will never take the route again, and make me promised not to do so as well, I wasn't so sure.. I think, I'll take Robert Frost's The Road Less Traveled literally.