Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's been a while since I last update my blog. Is it because I don't have time? Well, I won't say so, I am in Terengganu after all. Away from my KL's happening life (which also translates to pergi pasar malam hari khamis and layan grey's anatomy with my lovely roommates, =D). Yup, time is what I have (said Mr Mohan from the Astro commercial). It's just that lately I have been having what a writer would say a "writer's block". I would sit in front of my PC for hours and try to write something. All I have are the first 5 words which are "I remember when I was" and poof, it turned out nothing that happened on that day or the past week that are worth remembering. I'm not complaining though. I like my life this way. Peaceful and quite and drama free. full stop.

What triggers me to write today? Well, I was surfing and reading random people's blogs and looking at random people's fotopages and I bummed to one fotopage that has a picture of an airplane. I remember (here we go again) about 2 months ago I had a meeting in KL. My company booked me a morning ticket and luckily,I got a window seat. I have always love looking out the window. And on that day, words can't describe how beautiful it is. The clouds are amazingly white and fluffy. And the rain forest, the view from the above, MashaAllah was so exquisite, saujana mata memandang.

It reminded me of my apartment back in Bloomington. I arranged my bed so that it would be aligned with my big window. I have never closed the curtain (except when the girls esp the one from UIUC came visit and they would complain about the morning sun, =D). My apt was on the ninth floor so I never have to worry about peeping tom or anything. Everyday, I would just lie down and watch the clouds. This might sound a bit bias and mengada-ngada but I have always thought that the Bloomington's clouds are the most beautiful clouds in the world. And on that day, on the plane, the cloud was just as beautiful and the scenery was just so breathtaking that I could not resist myself from taking pictures.

There I was taking pictures oh so passionately, I totally forgot that I was on the plane with about another 100 people. The stewardess' were distributing the kacang and the drinks at the time and one of them approached me, asking what kind of drink that I want. Unfortunately I was too deep in emotion and busy taking pictures that I didn't hear her calling me. It turned out that she had raised her voice and the person who's sitting next to me had to cuit me since I wasn't responding to the stewardess. When I finally turned around, I found out that almost everyone's around me were looking at me with a little smile. I know they must have thought this was my first time on the plane and truth be told, yes it's a little embarrassing. But I will always remember the day I found my clouds. Ok well, the last sentence sounds a little too dramatic. But what the heck, I could always use some drama in my life. =D *smile*