Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do you have one day when you wake up, you just feel sad. For no apparent reason, your life just flashes in front of you. All the trivial things that you think have never bothered you suddenly do?

Where you suddenly think your life has no purpose? Where you are frustrated with the people around you? Where you think you are not being appreciated enough? Where you think your existent doesn’t make a difference in the world? Where you think you don’t do enough? Don’t get enough? Not pretty enough? Smart enough? Rich enough? Love enough? Well, for me, today is the day.

Could be hormones or dreams that I had last night that I don’t remember, God knows what had caused it. What I know is I control my own emotions. I will decide how I will live my day, and today is a beautiful day. C’est la vie!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yani & Bird, New Orleans -Spring 2005

I'd like to dedicate this entry to my bestfriend and confidante, Yanie who is celebrating her 5th year anniversary with also my highschool friend, bird..

I was there when they first met and their relationship now is just as strong as 5 years ago, if not stronger. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and may Allah bless them.


Monday, December 18, 2006

It's not Love....

It’s not love
When he buys you flowers
For your endless tears

It’s not love
When he cries his love
On your exhausted body

It’s not love
When he apologizes
After a night of beating

It’s not love
When his jealousy
Imprisoned you friendless

Stop convincing yourself
The beating won’t stop
The tears will keep on rolling
The jealousy will intensify

Speak up
Somebody’s listening

Somebody’s waiting

"Isteri bukannya hak milik, tapi anugerah".....
-Dato' Rahim Razali, Cinta..

This poem goes out to all the women in the world. Either they have been in an abusive relationship, or they think they are in one. Also a precaution to those who think they are safe..

One thing with love, it's unpredictable. You might say that you would never fall in love with a man like that but once you fall in love, it blinds you. That is why it is a struggle for these women to leave the relationship because of the love that they have to these men bind them to the relationships.

To these women who have walked out, congratulations! God knows how courageous you are.. For the ones who are still struggling, seek help.. Sometimes you need a helping hand to drag you out and a pair of extra eyes to show you the true meaning of love..

Friday, December 08, 2006


To be trapped
In that gaze
In that moment
In that silence
In that heartbeat

In that heartbeat
The world is turning faster than ever
Nights and day conflicting
What real seems unreal
What’s unreal seems possible

In that heartbeat
The world stops
Night and day compromise
Reality intrudes
Dream shatters

Can you hear my heart is breaking?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

I've always wanted to read Sun Tzu, The Art of War but never have the chance. The closest that I've read is "Thick Face, Black Heart" by Ching Ning Chu. The book was not a review of "The Art of War" but was influenced by it. Anyways, for those who doesn't know, this book actual focus is on military strategy. It was written during the 6th century BC and it had a huge influence on Eastern military planning, business tactics and even more. It also had influenced many famous leaders and war strategies, such as Napoleon and the planning of operation Desert Storm.

Today, this book has been applied to business and managerial tactics.. To read more about the background of the author and the book, you can google it on the internet. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to this book.

Here's an excerpt of the book...

Chapter Twelve: Fire Attacks

If it is not advantageous, do not move;
if there is no gain, do not use troops;
if there is no danger, do not do battle.
The ruler may not move his army out of anger;
the general may not do battle out of wrath.
If it is advantageous, move;
if it is not advantageous, stop.
Those angry will be happy again, and those wrathful will be cheerful again, but a destroyed nation cannot exist again, the dead cannot be brought back to life.

Therefore, the enlightened ruler is prudent, the good general is cautious.
This is the Way of securing the nation, and preserving the army.


Friday, December 01, 2006


you are there
accompanying my darkest night

you are the angel's lullaby
soothering my wavering heart

You give me strength
in my weakest state

you give me promise
when all I have is despair

in the busiest metropolitan you found me
in the smallest of town you greet me

in the cricket's cricking song you hum with me

in you,I found peace
in you,I found answer

in you,I found hope