Monday, February 25, 2008

Parking & Me - Part 2

And so I was stuck. After walking around my car a few times, he slowly shook his head, as if he was telling himself that this is an impossible situation. He took out his handphone and started dialing. Impatient (and freaked out), I asked him if he can help me. He told me to hold on while he get the guys that helped me earlier. Really, at that time, I was more embarrassed than scared and all I wish at the time was Doraemon's Pintu Sesuka Hati. Within a few minutes, they got here and through the overlappings of voices, I realized how bad the situation is.

I was sweating like crazy and my breath became unsteady. Nervous breakdown? Maybe. Frustration, mixed with feelings scared and embarrassed led me to ALMOST crying. I don't usually cry in front of strangers and I don't cry for stuff like this. I cried at books and movies for other people's stories, but I always try to be strong for myself. That day, was a history. The guys, realized that I was ALMOST crying try to calm me down. Seriously, can this day get any worse? Thankfully it doesn't.

After everything failed, they tried to find the owners of the vehicles around me. Of course it's impossible, they couldn't even get one. They tried to push the Saga forward but it had the handbreak on. THEY almost give up when one of them realized that he can push down the Saga so that the Saga bumper that was touching my car's bumper can be pushed down. Since once cannot possibly hold it for so long, 2 guys were pushing the car down while another guy was giving instruction and looking at the front bumper and another one was looking at my tire, to make sure that it's turning at the right angle. Team effort, ain't it?

After several attempts, I made it. Actually, to be precise, THEY made it with very little help from me. None of them said I told you so, though it's clearly my fault. They helped me even when I didn't even listen to them and they even sympathized with me. They were smiling, sympathetically, as I shouted my thanks repeatedly. Definitely, my heroes..

As I drive to a parking spot at the corner far at the back, I started thinking of how bad my day has started and how today is going to be a bad day. Then, my eyes caught a blue Gen2, still moving slowly behind me and a smile out of nowhere came lurking.

It was not a bad day. It's actually an exact opposite. I learned that despite all the bad things happened in the world, there are still a lot of good people. I had the guys missed their breakfast and late for work, but not once they showed me a sour face. The Gen2 driver too was a real sweetheart. Some people would easily blame me and at least showed that they are angry. After all, it was my fault. But after waiting behind me for almost one hour, she then parked next to me and came up to me and asked if everything was okay.

If that did not define a good day. I don't know what does.

Anyways, my car only had a small dent on the back bumper above the tire. Other than that, it's perfect. So did the rest of the day.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Parking & Me

Day One
My mom got a call from Ekspres Kesatuan, the nice lady at the ticket counter told her that my sister's ticket that we want to sell back has been bought and we need to come to the counter to collect the refund. Anyways, I usually park at the parking lot near Bangunan Paya Bunga/Mac D, very near to the bus station and I was heading there when I see the entrance was blocked with a row of plastic chairs and a huge 'forklift??' in that area. A construction. Oh well. I then parked at a metered parking and walked to the counter and got our refund. Day one. Happy Ending.

Day Two
I left for the office early today because my mom left early and my brother's not home. So, there's really nothing left to do at home. With a total disregard that I don't have a place to park since my favorite parking spot (just because the adik-adik parking lot are always nice to me and always let me pay half the actual parking fee, yay!) is having a building constructed on it, I drove cheerly to the office. Today is going to be a great day, was my exact word as I put on gear 1.

Huh.. little did I know...

As I was approaching the carpark, it hit me that the biggest parking lot in the city (city, yes city) is gone. People will definitely fighting over the small carpark behind Maybank. Trying my luck, I entered the area. The cars were lined up and parked so close to each other. I took a quick look at the clock on the dashboard, 8.30, which means I still have 15 minutes. I quickly exited that Maybank parking lot area and drove to another parking lot near the city mosque (masjid bandar), behind bangunan Yayasan Terengganu. It looked full, so I drove slowly around to be sure not to miss any spot aaaaaand I just missed one.

As I put on the reverse gear, I noticed there's a blue Gen2 behind me. The driver slowly reversed her car as I did mine. When she stopped, I also stopped, thinking that my car can fit between a white van and a red Saga. If only I could think at that moment why is this spot near the entrance is empty while rows behind it are packed, I would not be telling this story now. So, I slowly turned my wheel right and moved forward when I realized that the back of my car is waay too close to that Saga's back, 2 inches close. I immediately stopped, totally freaking out, not sure what to do.

Luckily, a few guys (totally my heroes) who were heading for breakfast noticed my situation and quickly came to help. With their instructions (and quite a series of conflicting instructions since, u know, 2 inches close!), I finally got myself out from that spot and I heard their voices faintly as they were leaving me that they told me to park somewhere else since it's too small. Not even having the courtesy of making sure they are really gone and being a stubborn head as I have always been, I reversed my car again, 100% sure that I would make it this time and tried to drive to that spot. I got really lucky this time. I knocked the van in front of me and totally scratched the back against the red Saga. For a moment I sat still, too shocked to actually do anything. Mind you, the Gen2 was waiting patiently behind me.

Thankfully, one of the guys that helped me earlier, a pakcik (judging from his handphone, I don't think it's just any pakcik) actually was still nearby. He hurried towards me and told me to not do anything while he closely observed the damage that I've done. I was watching him all the while, hoping that he could do miracle because I was stuck. My door is too close to the Saga. If I don't get out from this spot, I wouldn't even able to get out from my car, damn it!

to be continued... (csi break)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How important is it to have a good look?
Well, I just throw the question out there but come on, everyone knows that it's rhetorical. Still, when I said it out loud, people would say, look is very subjective and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Get real.


I'm very much a virgin on this issue. I thought I've read enough books, enough movies and enough stories to understand it. Still, there's no one story of love. They create so much drama that I think it's overrated. For a beautiful thing as such as love, shouldn't it be simpler? It shouldn't cause any pain right? It should be simpler. Definitely.


The truth is, what is the definition of truth? Even different dictionaries have different interpretations of truth. So how can one define truth? The truth is, I think truth is overrated. The truth is, I think truth is subjective. One truth to one's eye, is a lie to another's ear. Can you really tell if you are telling the truth? How do you know if you are telling the truth? Seeing is believing, but what if there are three different sets of eyes and they all believe different things?

Truth, love and looks; these are the first thing that popped into my mind when I think about them. I could be biased. It could be heavily influenced by my current state of mind. Still, they are important enough to me that I seldom think about them.

Nevertheless, I want to hear what other people are thinking about them. So, I am calling all the bloggers out there to share your thoughts or maybe stories or anything at all that you can think of, of truth, love and looks.

Some of those who are on my bloggers list, ksyu, judd, fadhil, Sari, Asrif, Syu, Ainur.. those who are not on that list(cause i'm too lazy to update my layout, but I frequently read your blogs =D), Kak Amy, Lina Ideris, Ayaz, adik, Yie, Faiz.. And some people who I think have a blog, Sheila =P...

I want to know what you think. Really.