Friday, August 10, 2007


It's been a while since I last write. Nothing insightful or funny to share. Life is as usual, some days are more hectic than the other and today falls in the 'more' part. To be exact, for these past 3 days, I've been running around and still have not reached the finish line. I still have to go to Kota Bharu tomorrow. Like always, have to be there for one week and it never really thrills me before. Staying in a hotel alone in one week and eating takeouts for dinners. However, this time I am a little relieved and I am sorta kinda looking forward for this trip. Like I said, it has been a hectic 3 days (work and non-work wise) and I am officially emotionally drained and physically exhausted. So this trip to Kota Bharu really feel like a getaway. Suddenly, eating KFC alone in my hotel room feels like a blessing.
total solitude. heavenly.


On a different note, I am ecstatically thrilled since my best friend is.. *drum roll please* ..getting engaged next weekend to also another friend of mine! So, it's a double happiness. *grinning widely*. She's a little anxious about the engagement, afraid that things will not go the way it should be. Fear not o friend of mine, I'll be there to save the day! Hehe, actually I'll be there as her Mak Andam although when I told this to another friend of ours, she replied "Betoi Ka hang boleh jadi Mak Andam, aku takut orang tak cam dia nanti." Fana, fana, buruk sangat ka aku make up? hehe.

Which brings me to another exciting news. Fana is pregnant! Though this is not new (she's 7 months pregnant) but I have not talked with her for quite a while. So when she called me the other day, we talked! More on her pregnancy and it feels really weird. I know a lot of women my age whom I know (but not close to) who is pregnant or have given birth. But Fana is.... Fana! She'd been my roommate for 3 years and when she told me about the baby and everything, it feels like she is so far away. It saddened me that I don't know her the way I used to know her for the past years. *termenung 5 saat mode* Anyways, she IS pregnant and I can't wait to see her! Jom Yani, masa Raya nanti!

I can't wait to see another friend of mine too. Missy Ella. Who has been bugging me to write funny stories and when I did she would say "Is that supposed to be funny? (maybe that's more of Syu's line).. knowing the Queen of Sarcastica Kingdom , she might say "Laa you buat lawak ke tadi? Lain kali bagila cue gelak" Dush! Seriously minah, you are too far away! Bile nak balik semenanjung nih? Ainur baru ajak I jalan-jalan macam tourist kat KL and I suggested kat dia buat benda yang kita planned dulu. Alah, plan yang you are supposed to wear big hat with flashy skirt and I am supposed to wear striking colors with heavy pearls... yang tulah..

Today, I had to pick up a few girls that my mother invited for our little makan-makan. I don't know where they live so I have to follow my mother's car. It felt like the location is far and I was a little uncertain because I don't know where the place is. On our way back (with the girls in my car), I realized it is not that far from home and the journey felt half as short when talking to the girls. Same things with life, it would feel twice as long if we are uncertain of the destination and thrice as long when we do it alone. So, I started with a little story of my life, which is not too bad, only one of it down days. But I add another 3 stories of the rider of my cars. They definitely make my life seems less bumpy.

There are more names I want to mention but I think this is getting too long. I've been truly blessed to have the privilege of having these people in my life. More names that I don't mention, I love you just as much. I also spare some time to put some colors in this entry. Why? because you guys put colors in my life. Life is beautiful and if you look hard you will find that the happy stories outweigh the sad stories.

p/s "Happiness is really simple", am quoting this from Ainur's latest entry. I love it! check it out!