Sunday, June 28, 2009

The I've learned game

I've learned that..
we never know temptations until we experience it..

I've learned that..
we should never judge other people because it only take a heartbeat for God to turn back the table to us..

I've learned that..
maturity and age are two very different things, and I choose to settle with the former..

I've learned that..
life without friends is a very lonely life to live..

I've learned that..
time doesn't heal anything unless you let them to..

I've learned that..
God always hear your prayers and grant them, whether it's good or bad for you, if you really ask..

I've learned that..
even the strongest of heart can be broken to million pieces and it only take one person to put it together, you.

I've learned that..
a perfect person doesn't make a perfect love, a perfect love makes a perfect person..

I've learned that..
there are no same stories in the world, so you shouldn't compare yourself to others..

I've learned that..
no matter how bad things have become you can always find your way back. Always.

I've learned that..
there are many things in the world that are not worth to be angry about..

I've learned that..
the mind is a very powerful tool and you can do everything if you believe you can..

I've learned that..
suspicion is like a tumor. You let it, it will grow and kill you. Either ask until you are satisfied or give people the benefit of the doubt..

I've learned that..
love should make heart grows strong.. and if it otherwise, teach the heart to be's all in you..


Anyway, someone wrote in his blog this "I've learned" thing. I think it's really cool because in my 26 years and 6 months of breathing, I did learn a few things out of life and I would love to share it.

So, I want to start a tag (hehe, for the first time) of what have you learned in your whatever number years of life. Let's call this tag "The I've learned game". I want to tag:
1. Adik
2. Yie
3. Syu
4. Sheila
5. Sarimah
6. Lina Ideris
7. Farahana
8. Ainur
9. Tet
10. Kak Amy
11. Ina

and you!!!!!!!!! whoever you are.. wherever you are.. life is what if not a series reflections.. kan kan kan??

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

When The Coffee is Cold

When the talk is good
And the feeling is easy
And the laughter is light
And the memories are many
But the time is too short
You know that you are with
A Friend....