Monday, December 10, 2007

This age

An interesting conversation I had today.

Ring..ring.. (me calling home)

My sister: Hello
Me: Adik, Mi (my mother) pergi ofis tak hari ni?
My sister: Tak..
Me: Ooo.. Mi masak ke?
My sister: *giggle* yes
Me: Kenapa gelak?
My sister: Mi masak special *more giggles*
Me: Masak apa?
My sister: Adalah, balik je lah, pukul berapa nak balik ofis ni?
Me: Nak balik la ni.. apsal?
My sister: Emmm *thinking loudly*
...after a short pause..

Kakna, tolong beli kek? Secret Recipe eh?
Me: *speechless*

Lorr... there you go, I need to buy my own birthday cake.. haish.. I went with my brother though, and he decided to pay since he's (his own words) too lazy to think of anything special to give me.. nevertheless, it was a very good dinner... excellent nasi ayam and good cakes too (we got several different kind of cakes, a slice of each mind you)

Thank you everyone for the wishes and the songs. I've gotten at least 3 birthday songs over the phone and my favorite is of course Syu's. Haha, not that the others are not good singers but she has recorded it and send it through MMS. While I thought it was just a picture with birthday greetings, it actually was a singing message. The timing? Perfect. I received and opened the message while I was having lunch with a client. He loved it and amused too!

I consider myself lucky and blessed to be granted a chance to finish another year of my life. People's expectations of this age, is a lot. I'm not too worried about that though. I'm more concern of my own expectations. This is not what I picture myself doing and having at this age. I expect more of myself. Time is running short. I need to catch up.

tick tock..