Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reasons for not blogging...

If I am a writer, I would call this a writer's block. I am not that though, so it is just simply that there is nothing interesting going on in my life these days that is worth writing about.


I have a friend who updates his blog once in a blue moon. Every update is a worthwhile read and always keep me wanting for more. Still, he sometimes take more than half a year to come up with a new entry. I teased him about this once and he told me that he only writes when he's depressed. Maybe I am like that too. Maybe I'm not depressed enough these days????


I (used to) care a lot about many things. Gaza, charity and all of that humanitarian stuff. These days I am just too lazy to read about anything. Or care. Which is bad, I know. These days I am more selfish. I put myself first before others. Hence, no more stories about that


Nobody tag me anymore!!!

p/s Missy Ainur, puas hati?


syah said...

strip tease?

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